SAKB KunstLokaal (art studios)


About Us

Since 1975, the Stichting Amstelveense Kunstbelangen (SAKB) has been a centre of excellence for training and practicing the visual arts. We provide teachers possessing a thorough and contemporary knowledge of the visual arts which they can share with people who wish to gain more proficiency in this. In this way we contribute to the cultural development and enrichment of the Amstelveen region.


SAKB KunstLokaal wants to enrich the lives of people from the Amstelveen region through visual art, by being a gathering place where professional teachers, and amateur and professional artists alike are involved together and share in creating visual art.


Art, education, and social engagement in the Amstelveen region are mentioned in the same breath with SAKB KunstLokaal. SAKB KunstLokaal is the centre where everyone who is interested in (the practice of) visual arts can come and feel at home. Community organizations from the region also feel involved in the centre.

The following core values characterize the SAKB KunstLokaal:

- Low threshold: everyone is welcome at SAKB KunstLokaal, from beginning amateur to professional, and from art lover to layman. In addition, SAKB KunstLokaal meets everyone's needs by offering a wide variety of courses and workshops.

- Openness: the teachers and supervisors are friendly, accessible and hospitable; and members are encouraged to exhibit their work. SAKB KunstLokaal also provides work space where anyone can choose to work independently, without supervision.

- Professional: mainly qualified teachers with extensive work experience who teach in a well-equipped work environment

- Development-oriented: attention is paid to every level of work and to specific target groups. For example, SAKB KunstLokaal works together with other institutions in Amstelveen on art and cultural education for pupils in primary and secondary education.


Our Approach

At SAKB you will find:

* Courses for adults, young people, and children in drawing, painting, sculpting, and art history and philosophy, among others, supervised by qualified teachers / professional artists.

* Open walk-in workshops in sculpting, drawing, and painting, where everyone can work independently, without supervision (in some cases with a model provided).

* Special workshops

* Exhibits

* A regular newsletter


Participation ( 'Friendship')

Because SAKB is a foundation, there are no members in the legal sense, but so-called Friends. Nevertheless, in everyday language we often use the word "members" for convenience. SAKB Friends pay an annual contribution of € 38.00 via giro number NL50INGB0004384296. For info please mail:

As a Friend you get:

  • Discounts for the Open Ateliers
  • Free lectures
  • 4 times a year the SAKB e-mail Newsletter
  • Discount on the purchase of drawing and painting materials from Ingma at Van der Hooplaan 231 in Amstelveen and on the purchase of clay and tools (not of stone) from Keramikos, at Oudeweg 153 in Haarlem
  • Discount on rental of (art) lokaal, for info please mail:
  • Friends of SAKB can exhibit their work in locations managed by SAKB KunstLokaal.

Through the Newsletter you will be informed about pertinent activities both within SAKB and outside, messages from the different art disciplines, and exhibitions.

SAKB KunstLokaal (art studios)